Juicy juice pack


  • ¥880
    単価 あたり 

Juicy Juice Pack is here!
Mini size juice pack
It became squeeze
Popular bloom characters in all species
It is printed!
With closed package specifications
It's fun to see what hits
Is your favorite character hit?
Type: All 12 types
* Closed package specification
* Color / type is random. You cannot choose.
* If you wish to buy a box, the box will be shipped by ordering 12 pieces. Please make sure the quantity is correct.

Type / scent
Marmo: Strawberry scent
Nyan Pancake Strawberry: Strawberry scent
Angel Bunny Alice: Peach scent
Whale Millie: Peach scent
Unicorn Emerald: Muscat scent
Sheratan of sheep: Muscat scent
Lollipop Claire: Grape scent
Little Penguins Spanky: Grape scent
Cotton Candy Panda Neo: Blueberry scent
Foxy Fox Meer: Blueberry scent
Cloud Bear Mony: Cotton candy scent
secret:? ? ? Smell of
* Please refer to the image for details

System unit size: Height 6.0cm width 2.7 _ depth 2.7cm