Bloom squeeze character stories


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Bloom squeeze character stories
Limited, with cheese print with character print

The third installment of the popular bloom squeeze book with appendix.
This time, it comes with a real-life fluffy cheesecake (14 cm in diameter) in a cake box. (Box design may change)
Bloom original characters appear in the book. Familiar characters such as Foxy Fox, Lollipop Girl, Marshmallow Bear, Cotton Candy Panda, Whale Millie, etc. will be very active in the picture book world.
There is also a handmade sweets classroom with the theme of characters and a squishy shooting classroom where you can take pictures that shine on SNS!
Somewhere on the cheesecake, a bloom character is printed (1 out of 8 types)
* Characters cannot be selected at the time of purchase
* The cheesecake in the Appendix is ​​not food

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