Milk Toast Rebom Mini2


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The second edition of the reprinted version of Milk Bread Mini!
The second of the whole bloom! All new colors! New scent!
The contents are open and fun!
5.5 ~ 5.3 ~ 1.0cm
Aroma (color): [11 types + 1 secret 1 total 12 types]
Coconut (white)
Honey (yellow)
Milk tea (brown)
Apple (red)
La France (yellow-green)
Blue Hawaii (light blue)
Cherry (dark pink)
Pineapple (light yellow)
Watermelon (red)
Orange (orange)
Lychee (light pink)
Secret ... (some colors are secret)
Color is random. You cannot choose the type.
It will be sold one closed. If you wish to buy a box, the box will be shipped out by ordering 12 pieces. Please make sure the quantity is correct.
Target age 15 years or older

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